Garage Door Repair Services in Philadelphia 

At Door & Gate USA, we take pride in our experience, expertise and dedication to installing, repairing and maintaining the best garage door service in Philadelphia. Not only do we install the best garage doors in Philadelphia, we also install and repair the best garage doors in the tri-state area! We are well known for our highly trained technicians who are TWIC certified (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) who respond to any emergency within 24 hours even during afterhours. 

Best Garage Door Service in Philadelphia

Door & Gate USA wants you to know what to think about before installing a new garage door or garage door repair in Philadelphia. It is important to consider the size of the garage door, the cost of construction, insulated or not, the style, the opener and your budget. We can present to you different options and help you make your decision.

Things to Know When Buying a Garage Door in Philadelphia

Do Not Purchase a Garage Door Over the Phone
Have one of our salesmen come visit, take measurements of the opening size, side room, headroom and he or she will go over different styles and options with you. We know what to look for when installing a new garage door. The last thing you want to do is purchase a door online just for it to show up at your door and it does not fit properly. 
Upgrade Your Insulation
If you are planning to save energy or keep your garage warm, it is worth spending about 20 percent extra to upgrade from extruded polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. The insulating effectiveness of a garage door is its R-Value. The higher the number the better it insulates. Upgrading from 2-in. polystyrene to polyurethane raises the insulating value from R-9 to R-18. Now that is a deal.
Pay a Little More for Beefier Springs
You can usually see these coiled torsion springs above the garage door. Springs are what help your garage door go up easily and come down slowly. Standard torsion springs have a cycle of about 10,000. This may seem a lot but if you use your garage door 7 times a day, you will use 10,000 cycles in less than 5 years. Paying the extra $50 or so for 20,000 cycles will be worth your dollar for your garage door.
Buy a New Opener at the Same Time
If you are planning on getting a garage door in Philadelphia or tri-state area and your current opener is aging, your better off getting a new opener too. Your operator will fail eventually and if you just want a more quiet one with neat features, this would be the time to purchase a new door opener.
Do not install the garage do yourself!
This may save you a few hundred dollars but it is one project that does not have a great pay off. For starters, there are numerous pieces and parts which will take you at least a fully day to put together. Furthermore, winding the spring calls for special tools and lots of arm strength which is pretty dangerous. If you hire a pro from Door & Gate USA, your garage door will be installed within 4 hours and you'll have someone to call if there is an issue.
Want a quiet door? Look for these features. 
If you are searching for a quite garage door in Philadelphia, then go for a polyurethane insulated garage door and nylon rollers. The insulation dampens the vibrations which would usually be amplified with uninsulated steel. If you plan on replacing the garage door opener, then go with a belt drive opener. The belt drive opener is designed to allow for smoother operation with less vibration and less jiggling of the garage door which reduces the overall noise level.
Door & Gate USA has you covered with our experienced technicians who have been in the industry for over 20 years. We use quality doors to ensure you have durable door that will last. Leave us your information below and get your garage door installed or repaired today! 

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